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it all began…

…back in 2015, when our dreams of producing the first Espresso Martini served on tap in the UK became a reality!

From a portable bar that we designed to fit through a standard door, we went across the nation to quench the thirst of thousands of festival goers. At Festival No. 6 we connected our cooler and simply propped up the side panels to form our bar, 1.8m wide. From that day forth, we were known as the ‘one point eight bar’.

After hitting the festival scene, both music and food, it was obvious that everyone wanted our cocktails at their local pub, their event and even their cinema!

We might have turned our focus to producing the best tasting cocktails found on other taps around the UK, but one thing that hasn’t changed - we infuse and batch all of our cocktails by hand, with love.

Our Menu

We have a core range of 15 cocktails, from re-mastered classics to seasonal favourites.

If you’re after something a little more bespoke, we’d also love to develop something amazing to match your clientele, cuisine or event.


Why go tapped?



ONE POINT EIGHT puts all the hard work in creating, infusing, batching and packaging the cocktails so that all you need to do is pour them! Serve a thirsty crowd with ease, time and time again with the same consistency your customers will learn to love. In the time it usually takes to make one cocktail, we can help you make a dozen!


With speed and ease of service, you’ll be able to increase sales as your customers will know they can quickly get another. While boosting spend per head you’ll also be able to reduce your labour costs, even when the UK’s minimum wages keep rising. With concise sales vs. spend, you’ll easily be able to measure your profits. That’s a triple win!




As much as possible, we try to reduce our carbon footprint. We’ve chosen to source our spirits and wines without all the bottles, and we package our cocktails in 5L or 10L Bag-in-Box, or 20L Key Kegs. For you, this means a whole lot less waste and you can drain our cocktails to the very last drop. No longer will you need to order and store multiple ingredients, just one…ONE POINT EIGHT!

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If you’d like to talk about cocktails, dispense systems or your next big event, we’d love to hear from you. In fact, if you’d like to talk about any of those things while sipping a cocktail, we’d also love to have you in our archway (aka the Cocktail Cave).

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Arch 146, Tilbury Road
United Kingdom, E10 6RE

Underground: Jump on the Circle Line to Leyton, then hop on a north-bound 69/97 bus to Leyton Midland Rd station.

Overground: Take the Victoria Line up to Blackhorse Rd, then switch to the overground and hope on the east-bound train to Leyton Midland Rd.




Our e-SHOP is coming!

We want to bring our cocktails to your home, the park, the office and even your Nan’s 90th Birthday party. Hit the button below to leave your details and you could win yourself 5L of your favourite cocktail to sip, guzzle or share. Winner winner, Negroni dinner!

* everyone who can legally, ethically or religiously drink alcohol